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our Story

I am expressive and always believed art to be one of the best forms of expression; this makes me instinctively seek visual pieces that will articulate my array of thoughts. Starting out, I saw what was available, but I needed more; more vibrance, more color, more art, and so began Styleamplifier.


In 2018, we took our audience on a walk down African historical lane, featuring figures from folklore, festivals, and legends. The reception of this first collection was remarkable, we were very excited with sales and the organic growth through customers’ recommendations.  We had started gaining a loyal fan base, keen on fashion and art.


In 2020, Styleamplifer signed a vendor partnership with SPAR, a leading supermarket and department store in Africa. We gained more visibility and began to work on our second and third collections. We recorded a 35% sales growth in our first year of partnership and further growth subsequently. The supply chain experience proved invaluable and facilitated other partnerships critical to keeping Styleamplifier competitive.


All our art pieces are unique and exclusive to Styleamplifier. Today, we have a total of 23 pieces, owning proprietary rights to 21 and extended print manufacturing licenses for 2.  We have created 4 collections in total:


African ASA (Culture)

Urban Line

Eko Line

Styleamplifier Special (Featuring our Animal and seasonal pieces).

Just as art is fluid, we expanded our expressions from apparel to home improvement and accent pieces such as Wall art, Throw pillows, Drink coasters, Indoor mats, Mugs, and other decorative items.


As the creative director, I continue to be driven by what I would like to see and I’m eager to share Styleamplifier’s unique and exhilarating pieces with the world.


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